Lithium Ion Accu Packs

Lithium Ion Accu Packs

The furniture industry can no longer be imagined without unplugged power supplies in the form of power packs. They play an increasingly important role alongside the widely used switch-mode power supplies.

The small power packs are used wherever solitary furniture such as relax chairs or stand-up chairs, sofas, mobile lecterns or office tables are required. The cylindrical lithium ion cell is still the measure of all things in terms of safety, power density and performance. Safety is the top priority for us and our customers. That’s why we decided right from the start to use only high-quality cells from the premium manufacturers LG, Samsung, Sanyo and Sony. The cells used by us all have the characteristic that they are intrinsically safe and that they must be Powertool suitable. Based on this cell package, we have developed for you a wide selection of different battery packs and variants.

You can choose between different output voltages, capacities, cable positions or housing variants. An important aspect for the furniture industry is more and more the so-called exchangeable battery. Like a cordless screwdriver, you can remove the actual battery from the furniture and replace it with a freshly charged one.

We will be happy to advise you on the development and implementation of your personal Accu Pack.





You don’t know which power pack belongs to which charger?

Here, you can download a cross reference list about our chargers and accu packs. Please click on the Download button to open the document.

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