A requirement specification comes immediately after your vision. Capture your ideas and document how you imagine a unique selling point. Don’t worry, we will help you with the creation of this spec! We see this as the first quality feature of the new product. This is the only way you can start with an early announcement of the new system and idea.
The following rule applies in general:

Nothing is worse than to deliver something different than you expect or what you have already promised your customers.
We implement your vision with our qualified team of experts. Our network of highly qualified experts will be happy to meet your requirements.




Modico Systems takes its job seriously! We see it as our responsibility to test our systems and to check for conformity with the international standards.

We have the appropriate test and measuring equipment, so we do not only promise, we guarantee you that we prove our products that they work like it should.

The measuring equipment allows us to make qualified statements about working cycles and load conditions in the system. This is possible not at least because our drive products all run through detailed performance tests before they enter the market.

Project Handling

From script to finished product with system. Modico Systems uses modern tools to bring projects to a goal-oriented end.
We like to rely on freeware tools for the planning steps at the beginning of a project, so that we have to work closely with you, especially in this phase. Furthermore, it saves time and prevents coordination errors. See also in our support area!

In the further project steps we use tools that are internationally known and can be read by professional production facilities. We use them for design purposes:
*) 3D drawing tools
*) CAD drawing tools for electronic circuits
*) Circuit Simulation Tools
*) Mathematical calculation tools

Last but not least, we have first-class suppliers of rapid prototypes that come very close to series production parts.
From script to …..
We accompany you from the first idea through the concept phase to the later end product.
We coordinate with you in every single project phase.